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We’re so pleased

Our Max was a 1 year old wild child but he’s only been home 1 day and he is doing so well. He’s actually more mellow. And he listens. And was complimented on how well behaved he is by on elderly couple at the park !!! We’re so pleased with what his trainer, has taught him.


Dee B.  // Verified Facebook Review

Best experience ever!!

Our trainer at Off Leash K9 is amazing!!! She trained both of my Shepherds and didn’t skip a beat! My dogs went from jumping on people, a hassle to take for a walk and having no manners at all to being complete angels! I can now trust my girls to be off leash and enjoy life with my family, HASSLE FREE! I would recommend this company to anyone! Best experience ever!!


Alexis P.  // Verified Facebook Review

So happy we made this decision!

This is an amazing adventure…my wife and I did this for our dog. We want him to go everywhere without the worry of encountering another dog or distraction. So happy we made this decision! Our trainer was awesome and the daily updates made us so happy! this is a must!! Thank you Off Leash Team!!!


Anthony T.   // Verified Facebook Review

We highly recommend Off Leash K9

Our dog Copper was trained at Off Leash. When he went there he was a typical hyper puppy who didn’t listen very well and would jump, run and nip. It wasn’t fun to take him places because it was so much work! Now we can take copper to the beach and to play outside with us and trust that he won’t get hurt or info a dangerous situation. He’s so much more mellow and listens so well ! We highly recommend Off Leash K9 !


Alexis A.  // Verified Facebook Review

I had made the right choice

Zuzu just got back from 2: weeks of training with our trainer. Zuzu is decidedly a new dog! I met with her today to go over what Zuzu learned, and the change in her was unbelievable, yet also gratifying! I knew almost immediately that I had made the right choice in having our trainer work with her. They formed quite a bond!! The best part was the communication that our trainer gave me daily on Zuzu’s progress. Thank you so much!!!!!


Karen G.  // Verified Facebook Review

Thank you so much Off Leash K9 Training!

Our Jake, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, had confidence issues. Was a bit pushy, and liked to chase the kids. We’ve had him back just about 24 hours and his mannerisms are amazing. We chose to put Jake in the board and train class. Our trainer has transformed him into the dog we knew he could be.

Every day she sent us pictures and a progress report. In many of the pictures you could see the love Jake had for our trainer. Now to get ourselves trained. Thank you so much Off Leash K9 Training.


Carrie D.   // Verified Facebook Review

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